• S. Gusejn
  • V. Madatova Бакинский Государственный Университет
  • R. Babaeva Бакинский Государственный Университет
Keywords: blood coagulation, olfactory bulbectomy, tissue coagulation, apisektomi


Goal. To find out experimentally the influence of olfactory, epiphyseal disorders on the indicators of the hemocoagulation process.

Method. Thrombin time was determined using the Sirmai (2005) method in liver, spleen, brain, kidney, skeletal and heart muscle tissues. The procedure for taking and processing tissues to determine thrombin time was carried out according to the Vorobyov (2005) method.

Physical activity was determined by swimming the pups for 5 and 20 minutes. Dereception of the olfactory bulb was performed by the method of A. D. Pogrebkova (1965), the epiphysis was removed by the method of D. M. Aulov (1969).

The results of the study were statistically processed (Asatiani, 1965; Lakin, 1980).

Result. Analysis of the obtained data reveals that the mechanism of interaction and the effect on the coagulation system in animals is regulated by Central mechanisms and the epiphyseal-hypothalamic-pituitaryadrenal sitsem.

The effect of physical activity on thrombin time depends on its duration, the age of the animals, and the experimental conditions.

Conclusions. 1. the Epiphysis is one of the important factors in the neurohormonal regulation of blood hemostatic potential. In epiphysectomized animals, the thrombin time is shortened.

  1. the mechanism of the coagulation system depends on the starting and correcting effects of sensory and neuroendocrine links of the Central nervous system.
  2. Physical activity changes the rate of hemocoagulation at the organ-tissue level, depending on the intensity and duration of motor activity of the animal.
  3. Changes in thrombin time under various experimental conditions indicate the activation of a General nonspecific adaptation syndrome that stabilizes the homeostatic and hemostatic balance at the organ-tissue level.

Author Biographies

S. Gusejn

Доктор философии в направлении биологии

V. Madatova , Бакинский Государственный Университет

Кандидат биологических наук, доцент, зав.кафедрой Физиологии человека и животных

R. Babaeva , Бакинский Государственный Университет

Кандидат биологических наук, и.о.доцент кафедры Физиологии человека и животных


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Gusejn , S.; Madatova , V.; Babaeva , R. CHANGE OF THROMBIN TIME IN ORGANS AND TISSUES OF OLFACTOR BULBECTOMATED ANIMALS. Eurasian Union of Scientists 2020, 3, 23-27.

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