• E. Aliev НАНА Институт архитектуры и искусства
Keywords: baroque, art, allegory, symbol, mythology, music, perceptology, kitsch


Symbols and allegories contain a reference to stable meanings and constants in an event-changing world. The Baroque period is historically full of wars, cataclysms, spiritual wanderings and crises. The culture of this period is characterized by the desire to build harmonious, mathematically verified systems through art, as an antidote to real life. And here the conflict between unchanging meanings and the perception of the viewer or listener is inevitable. Perception is based on the instincts, experiences and feelings of the one who perceives them. Elements of the artistic culture of the Baroque era are actively used in contemporary art and design even today. External forms can be used without matching the content of allegories and symbols. This phenomenon is known as confusion in the postmodern paradigm. A wide place in it was taken by such a phenomenon as kit-сh, which, however, requires the determination of the parameters of the border, the demarcation line, that is, the determination of where there is a kitch and where it is not. The field of professional design can be considered a bastion of kitсh to a certain extent. Apparently, this is in demand by society. However, the experts have not drawn their "red" line yet.

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